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> Interior

194 Bulb

Used for dome, trunk, and license plate lamps on 5th-gen Camaros.

5th-Gen Camaro ABL LED


$12.00 - $36.69
5th-Gen Camaro Cup Holder Panel

Matte or gloss black panel with your choice of lighting color and connection method.

$60.00 - $274.00
5th-Gen Camaro Dash ABL Connection Harness

Dash ABL Connection Harness.

$13.00 - $53.00
5th-gen Camaro Dash ABL Kit

Complete, Camaro dash ABL kit.

$80.00 - $163.00
5th-Gen Camaro Dash ABL Light Pipe Kit

A set of two light pipes for adding dashboard lighting as seen on the concept car.

5th-Gen Camaro Door ABL Pipes, Bottom

Flexible light pipes for continuing the ABL around the door panels on 2LT/SS cars.

$39.00 - $75.00
5th-Gen Camaro Door ABL Pipes, Top

Flexible light pipes for adding ABL to the top of the door panels like stock, 2LT/SS cars.

$78.00 - $104.00
5th-Gen Camaro Foot Well Lighting

Two adhesive-backed LED strip-lights (choice of color) and all wiring necessary for an easy install (controlled via dome light circuit). Two-way-switch version allows manual or dome control.

$48.00 - $64.00