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rgbwX Wi-Fi Controllers

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The rgbwX is our family of RGBW LED controllers with Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz) that come with over 100 effects and 50 color pallets. They also have an input (all but the single channel version) that can be used for triggering effects or turning your LEDs on/off. The input can also be used for controlling LED brightness for interior-lighting applications (PWM). All enclosures are sealed and water-resistant.

The rgbw4 has four sets of RGBW outputs for normal/analog LEDs and the rgbw2+ has two sets of RGBW outputs plus 2/4 addressable outputs.

All come standard with NightOwl-compatible connectors, but you can choose no connectors and use your own cabling.

Android and Apple apps are available, but you can also use a web browser on your phone or tablet.

• Multiple-Controller Syncing/Grouping
• Push-button, cage-clamp wire terminals - No tiny screws
• Platform supports up to 1,020 channels
• Firmware updatable (OTA)

rgbw4 max current: 8A

rgbw2+ max current: 5A (addressable outputs can use a vehicle power for more current)


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